aug 12, 2011
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Bröllopsfotografering på Öckerö/Weddingphotography at Öckerö!

Hi there!

The clock is waaay to much and i´m just heading home, but first, a few pictures from Alexa & Daniels wedding at the island of  Öckerö!

If you wounder why im writing in english again, its because Alexa is german, and maaaaany of the weddingguest had flown in from different parts of the world: )
Today I will just show you a tiny part of the gorgeous wedding, just some preparations and some portraits, I have lots and lots of photos to go through so im sure this blogpost will continue in a few weeks.

Alexa and Daniel! Hope you like these prewievs just as much as I do, we had a perfect day with you, crazy boattrips, you to on the ”flakmoppe”, lots of laughter and  beautiful moments!

Congratulations again!


Jennifer Beitchman
Jan 01, 1970

Gorgeous as usual! My favorite is the shot of them holding hands. So powerful!

Marie Walther
Jan 01, 1970

Du behärskar hårt solljus underbart! Vackra bilder!

Annelie Johnsson
Jan 01, 1970

Wow!!! Underbara bilder!!!

Jan 01, 1970

Så vackert! Och vilken fin miljö.

Pappa Cla
Jan 01, 1970

Underbara bilder av ett fantastiskt par, de två sista bilderna visar ömhet och längtan, dessutom en fantastisk brudklänning. You did it again, Sara

Jan 01, 1970

Super fina bilder!!

Jan 01, 1970

Så fina! En underbart fin dag


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